No vacation in Pigeon Forge, TN is complete without a visit to Wild Gals Old Time Photo! Conveniently located right on the Parkway, our professional photo studio specializes in fun souvenir portraits that you will cherish forever. Guests can choose from a variety of vintage-style costumes and movie-quality sets to create the perfect photo shoot. To help get your creative juices flowing, we have put together a guide to five of the most popular Pigeon Forge old time photo ideas.

1. Romance in the Old WestA couple dressed as a cowboy and a saloon gal.

If you’re enjoying a romantic getaway in Pigeon Forge, you can’t go wrong with our Old West-themed photos! Men can dress up as rugged cowboys, while women can play the part of flirtatious saloon gals, complete with feather boas and pearls. Many couples choose to pose in our bar, which provides an authentic 1800s backdrop for your portrait. These romantic photos are ideal for Save the Date cards or unique wedding table decorations. We’ve even had a few people pop the question during their photo shoot!

A gangster photo shoot at Wild Gals Old Time Photo in Pigeon Forge.2. Gangsters with Guns

A gangster’s paradise is another one of our most-buzzed-about Pigeon Forge old time photo ideas. Perfect for bachelor parties or a group of brothers, our Roaring Twenties-inspired gangster costumes would be right at home in a classic mob movie starring Humphrey Bogart or Jimmy Cagney. Wild Gals stocks a great selection of retro machine guns and pistols, so you can complete your “tough guy” image with a weapon of your choosing. Our mafia hideout has everything you need to stage an epic card game or a gunfight.

3. Southern Belles in the ParlorSouthern Belles in a parlor.

Guests who are in search of a refined setting will love our Gone with the Wind-style parlor room. Capturing the opulence of the Old South, this beautiful room comes with a grand piano, lovely tea set, and finely upholstered chairs. Our parlor is especially popular with mothers and daughters, who can dress up as elegant Southern Belles for polished portraits in this luxurious environment.

A family dressed up as hillbillies.4. Hillbilly Hootenanny

Families will love our hillbilly getups! Featuring straw hats, plaid shirts, overalls, or dresses, these fun costumes are just right for an Appalachian hootenanny with the whole clan. We also have a wonderful variety of hillbilly-themed props, such as pitchforks, frying pans, rolling pins, barrels, rocking chairs, and rifles. A family photo in our hillbilly outfits is perfect for your next Christmas card!

5. Shootout at the SaloonOld time photo with a saloon girl, a cowboy, and a little girl.

Our Old West saloon isn’t just for romantic portraits! This 1800s backdrop is also ideal for shootouts and adventure photos. Whether it’s a game of poker gone wrong, a robbery, or a bar brawl, your family will have a blast “trading fire” in the saloon. Gunslingers will find a great selection of pistols and rifles to use during their shootout.

Ready to plan your Pigeon Forge old time photo shoot? Visit our Reservations page to schedule your session at Wild Gals. If you have any questions about our costumes, settings, or photographers, don’t hesitate to give our friendly staff a call today!

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