An old time photo is the perfect souvenir from your vacation in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! There is nothing better than admiring a framed picture from your getaway in the Smokies and reliving all of the fun you had during your trip. In order to help our guests make the most of their photo session, Wild Gals has put together a few helpful tips for taking old time pictures in Pigeon Forge TN at our studio.

1. Have a Plan for Choosing Your CostumesA multigenerational photo of women posing as Southern belles.

One of the most exciting parts of getting your picture made at Wild Gals is choosing your costumes! However, this step can also be the most contentious. If your family members are anything like ours, they probably have strong opinions about what they want to wear and what they don’t want to wear. Sometimes, these differences of opinion can derail the photo shoot if everyone in your group is having a hard time coming to a consensus.

Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid the pitfalls of decision paralysis. First off, it helps to know what your costume options are in advance. This way, your family won’t feel pressured to make a quick decision on the spot. Here at Wild Gals, we offer the following costumes/themes:

  • Southern gentleman, Southern belle, Civil War soldier
  • Gangster, Flapper girl
  • Cowboy, Saloon gal
  • Hillbilly

Typically, the Southern aristocrats and soldiers pose in our Gone with the Wind-style parlor room, the Roaring Twenties characters pose in our gangsters’ hideout, the heroes of the Old West pose in our saloon, and the hillbillies pose in our Appalachian homestead.

Young sisters dressed as flapper girls with guns.2. Let Your Kids Call the Shots (But Not All the Shots)

As you make your costume/background decisions for your old time pictures in Pigeon Forge TN, we recommend letting your kids have plenty of input, especially if they are on the young side. If your 5-year-old has his heart set on being a cowboy, the photo shoot will run much smoother if he gets his wish. On the other hand, you probably don’t want to give your little ones total creative control over the shoot, or you might end up with a photo of a Civil War soldier fighting a 1920s gangster (which actually sounds pretty cool now that we think about it)!

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Let Loose

While some people absolutely love to have their picture taken, others can be a bit camera shy, especially when they’re in a studio setting. Fortunately, our photographers are masters at getting guests to relax and have fun. Ultimately, your photos will be the best they can be if your family is really enjoying themselves during the shoot.An Old West photo shoot with three siblings.

So, we suggest trusting your photographer and letting loose! If you have a crazy idea for a pose, don’t be afraid to blurt it out. Our photo sessions are always highly collaborative and we love to incorporate your creative ideas into our pictures. Remember, you’re playing a costumed character, so you don’t have to be your usual restrained self!

Ready to take some old time pictures in Pigeon Forge TN? Visit our Reservations page to schedule your photo shoot at Wild Gals!

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