When you visit Wild Gals Old Time Photo, you don’t just get your picture made; you travel back in time! The best part of taking old time photos in Pigeon Forge TN is dressing up in vintage-style costumes that look like they came right out of a time machine. We have a great collection of costumes in virtually every size, so you are guaranteed to find something that suits you. To help you plan your photo shoot with us, we have put together a guide to the four costume types you can choose at our studio.

1. Cowboys and Saloon GalsOld time photo with a saloon girl, a cowboy, and a little girl.

No period of time is more popular in the American imagination than the Old West. The frontier days were populated with larger than life characters who still dominate our movies and television shows: brave sheriffs, notorious outlaws, morally ambiguous loners, sassy barmaids, and tough-as-nails pioneer women. In the Wild West, you were the master of your own destiny and everything you wanted in life could be yours, if you had enough tenacity and grit.

At Wild Gals, guests can live out their own Old West fantasy when they dress up as cowboys or saloon gals. Fun photo ideas with a Wild West theme include a high stakes poker game, bank robbery, gun fight, or a romantic encounter at the bar.

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A gangster era photo with a mother and her two sons.2. Gangsters and Flapper Girls

The Roaring Twenties were another indelible period in American history. The Jazz Age was a time of electrifying music and Great Gatsby-style parties. Prohibition created a thriving underground market for alcohol, with speakeasies in every city and the mob taking a big cut of the action.

Our gangster and flapper girl costumes are perfect for your old time photos in Pigeon Forge TN. In addition to authentic 1920s clothing, we also provide great props, like submachine guns, bags of money, and a mafia hideout backdrop. Popular photo ideas include playing the piano in a speakeasy, preparing for a shootout with a rival gang, or having a poker game with your gangster pals.

3. Southern Belles and Southern Gentlemen/Civil War SoldiersA family dressed up as Southern belles and gentlemen.

Ever since the release of Gone with the Wind, the Southern belle and the Southern gentlemen have been permanent fixtures of America’s popular consciousness. As members of the aristocracy in the American South, these wealthy landowners led privileged lives on their sprawling estates.

Guests at Wild Gals can step into this world of luxury and splendor with our Southern gentlemen and Southern belle costumes. Our studio features an elegant parlor complete with a piano, so you can stage a family or couples photo amidst the grandeur of the Old South. Wild Gals also offers Civil War soldier costumes, so men can dress up as servicemen who have returned home after the fighting came to an end.

4. Hillbillies

A family dressed up as hillbillies.In contrast to the Southern belles and Southern gentlemen, hillbillies are not refined or regal. These mountain dwelling folk are known for their simple way of life, independent spirit, and sense of humor. Back in the day, hillbillies were also famous for secretly distilling moonshine in the Great Smoky Mountains.

If you want to get in touch with Tennessee’s roots during your trip to Pigeon Forge, our hillbilly costumes are a great choice. Complete with overalls, straw hats, and a variety of country props, our hillbilly getups are a great choice for family portraits.

To plan your trip to Wild Gals Old Time Photo, visit our Reservations page. If you have any questions about our old time photos in Pigeon Forge TN, don’t hesitate to give our friendly staff a call!

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