There are a lot of great attractions in Pigeon Forge for families to visit. But sometimes you want to do something out of the ordinary. Why not try an old time photo? When you stay in Pigeon Forge, an old time photo is a great family activity and here’s what we know you will love about the experience with us!

1. We’re easy to find.

Our location on the Parkway makes us easy to find. We are even within walking distance of a few different hotels in town too! We’re near the Smoky Mountain Opry, so when you see it you’ll know you are close to us. Our convenient location is also close to a trolley stop, so you can park your car in town and ride the Fun Time Trolley!

2. It’s a great family activity.A toddler dressed as a Southern belle at Wild Gals Old Time Photo in Pigeon Forge TN.

Getting old time photos in Pigeon Forge is a fun family activity. It’s also a great idea for a rainy day activity! Your kids will love playing dress up with the costumes and they will love whatever theme you choose to do. Embrace the Southern Belle or Gentleman in you, or go to the Wild West and be cowboys and saloon girls. You can even be flappers and mobsters!

3. An old time photo makes a unique souvenir.

Anyone can take pictures of the mountains or buy a shirt that says you visited the Smokies, but why not take home something a little more memorable? Taking old time photos in Pigeon Forge gives you great memories and a unique souvenir. Imagine the stories you will be able to share with family and friends!

4. It will make a great family photo.

Some families love to take family portraits every year. Why not make your family picture fun and unique? You could even save the picture and use it as a themed holiday card. You and the kids will love the whole experience and the end result. Sometimes the best family photo is the one you had the most fun making!

What Kind of Costumes Are Available?Young family dressed up in old time costumes

We have a great selection of costumes at our old time photos in Pigeon Forge. Here’s just a few you could choose from.

  • Cowboys and Saloon Girls
  • Southern Belles and Southern Gentlemen/Civil War Soldiers
  • Mobsters and Flappers

Put it to a vote and see what the family wants to dress up as! Each costume style has its perks and great scenes to create your photos. Mobsters and Flapper girls will have a great 1920s vibe for fans of the Roaring ‘20s. And any history buff will love the Southern Belle and Civil War Soldier choices. No matter which costumes you go with, we will make sure to give you a great photo and a fun experience!

You can book online to save time and guarantee your photos happen on your schedule. We know you’ll love our old time photos in Pigeon Forge, so book your photographs today!

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